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ShenZhen WanXiang Times Technology Co.,Ltd.
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ShenZhen WanXiang Times Technology Co.,Ltd.(WanXiang Times), founded in 2006, focused on finance, electricity, government, corporate data centers and other industries to provide IT internal risk control and IT infrastructure management solutions and related products, company's main Business products include: a full range of KVM switches, network switches, servers, cabinets and so on. R & D centers in Shenzhen, with operation centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, with offices in major cities. Currently, Vientiane times for different sizes, different industries in the data center, information center to provide basic room structure management and internal Anquan management Fangmian a comprehensive solution Fangan. The company's customers include communications industry; the financial industry; power industry; government, as well as multinational companies and companies with Taiwan ATEN has maintained a strategic partnership. Companies carry out the "honesty, creativity, responsibility, sharing" work attitude and work ethic, in creating company-wide co-operation, and positive work atmosphere, and was identified as high-tech city of Shenzhen enterprises.

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